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Live Life to the Full


We actively encourage all our residents to take part in daily Activities to keep life fun and interesting. There are opportunities to do as much or as little as people wish.

Everyone has different interests and abilities, so what can be considered a ‘meaningful activity’ will be different for each individual.

For some, gardening could be the perfect way to spend a day while others may find equal enjoyment in making a cup of tea and reminiscing about days gone by.

Activities are an integral part of life in Padre Pio House. We want to ensure that the residents we support have as much FUN as possible, so it’s important that our activity programme is created with the interests of residents in mind.

Our skilled Coordinators bring a certain uniqueness to the home that can’t be found anywhere else, and which is reflected in the activities they organise.

Our staff get to know what stimulates, engages and gives purpose to each individual and plan group and one-to-one activities based on feedback from residents and knowledge of their personal interests.

Our Hair Salon Guys & Dolls is open every Wednesday and Thursday and is an important part of the community.

Fr Robin celebrates Mass every Thursday.

There is a music session at least twice a week.

A card school plays 45’s every afternoon and is very popular

Bingo every afternoon and again it is very popular

Our Residents Committee meets regularly to discuss issues and plan activities.

There is also a children’s playground beside us for when the little ones visit.

…more importantly, it is the variety and spontaneity during the day.


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